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Tweed Fender Champ – C 7484

2009 December 19

Today we have a mid-50s tweed Fender Champ.  This is the wide panel model, as opposed to the narrow panel of later models.  With a serial number of C 7484, we can date this to 1954 looking at the great article by Greg Gagliano.  The numbering is slightly different for this model since it is a 5C1 (the third circuit revision of the Champ model – more on this later).  With a tube chart code of DE we know that this was made in May of 1954.  Check out the tin foil stuffed in the fuse holder.  Not a recommended practice in any era!  This amp recently sold for $577.

Tweed Fender Champ C 7484 Front

Tweed Fender Champ C 7484 Front

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