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Fender Champ 5E1 Wiring Diagram

2010 March 17

More electronics schematics today.  This time we have the circuit drawing and layout of the 5E1 model Fender Champ.  These are the same crooked scans that are available all over the web.  The 5E1 circuit came out around 1955.  The big difference from the 5C1 / 5D1 is the 6SJ7 preamp tube was replaced with a 12AX7, negative feedback was introduced, and a choke was added to the high-voltage filter section (later removed in the 5F1 circuit in 1956).  Cosmetically, the controls were moved from rear facing to top mounted.  Note the wide panel cabinet and narrow panel, differing logo style and grill cloth between the rear facing and top mounted examples.

fender champ_5e1

fender champ_5e1

fender champ_5e1 layout

fender champ_5e1 layout


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