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Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 2844

2010 May 6
by Jason Isadore

We have Fender Champion 600 serial number 2844 today.  We are a little light on photos but still wanted to show off this great amp.  The serial number places this Champion 600 as being manufactured in about 1951.  This amp has a non-origianl handle, all of its capacitors have been replaced and weak solder joints have been reflowed.

It is interesting to note that 1951-52 look like pretty big years in the life of the Fender Champ.  If you look at the distribution of serial numbers (1700-5500), it looks like about 3,800 Champs were manufactured in these years averaging about 1900 a year.  Based on serial numbers alone, these are pretty big years of this particular model of the Fender Champ and a big jump from making 400 in 1950 and 500 in 1953.  Now in all fairness, 1953 was a transition year from the two tone style cabinet to the tweed cabinet (1100 made), so that is not quite a straight up comparison as the old style two tone TV front was phased out for the tweed version.  I don’t want to read too much into these serial numbers but I thought it was interesting.  One of the greatest amplifiers of all time seems to be getting its legs around this time.  I’m going to go out on a limb and extrapolate that this was happening across the board for Fender at this time as there was a nice jump in Fender’s manufacturing capacity in 1953.

Fender Champion 600 2844 Front

Fender Champion 600 2844 Front

Fender Champion 600 2844 Back

Fender Champion 600 2844 Back

Photos appear courtesy of Cream City Music.

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