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Review – Fender: The Golden Age 1946 – 1970

2010 June 7
by Jason Isadore
GoldenAgeofFender Cover

I recently bought a copy of  Fender: The Golden Age 1946-1970 and can’t recommend this book enough.  I’ve already left a review on Amazon that is about as good as I could come up with so I’ve included it here for you.

This is a stunning compilation, as comfortable on a research shelf as on a coffee table. It doesn’t just cover the history of Fender in words and dates, but through amazing photography which brings to life the ascent of Fender from humble beginnings to an American icon. This book is thoroughly researched, and the photographs of amazing vintage instruments are top notch and highly artistic. The authors feature arguably the best examples of vintage Fender gear in the world, and the photos are jaw dropping. The authors go to great lengths to examine Fender and its products in the wider cultural context of what was happening in music at the time, and it is filled with great anecdotes and quotes from well known artists. This is a perfect book for vintage gear enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in mid-20th century design, advertising or pop culture history.

Keep an eye out for a super rare green tweed Champion 800 from 1948 on page 42. Nice!

You can find additional information (and some REAL nice sneak peek photos) on Facebook and Twitter.

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