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Transition Fender Champ C-22666

2010 June 25
Transition Fender Champ C-22666 Front

Another great vintage Fender Champ from the mid-60′s!  This is known as a transition model Champ because it has the cabinet style of the earlier tweed models with top mounted controls but sports the black tolex covering of every other model Fender amp from the front facing / blackface control period.

The serial number is C-22666 which places this near the end of the transition period between the tweed and blackface styling.  From the work done by Greg Gagliano we know that the Champ models changed their internal circuit and serial number designation around C-23000.  That would make this one of the last of the original 5F1 circuit amps.  The only other one I’ve seen that approaches this cutoff is C-22845.

The tube chart code is NH.  This tells us this amp was made in August 1964.  

As you can see from the photos, a lot of work has been done with all new caps and resistors and a new speaker.  The cord has been replaced too, but it looks quite old.

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