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For Sale – my 1984 Fender American Vintage 52 Reissue Telecaster

2010 July 27
by Jason Isadore

So, I’ve broken down and decided to sell one of my 52 Reissue teles made in Fullerton, CA.  If you know anything about the early American Vintage Reissue strats and teles (1982-1984), you know that they represent a truly great turn of events for Fender.  Fender pulled themselves up by the boot straps with these reissues and in the process saved an American icon that had fallen from grace.  If this is all news to you, check out  Adam is a leading expert on these guitars and has a load of information about the early reissues.

This is a late neck date, October 1984.  Not long after this tele was made, Fender shifted its manufacturing in the USA to Corona, CA from the original facility in Fullerton.  It wasn’t a hard stop, I’ve seen one of these teles dated February 1985, but I think it is fair to say that this is one of the last made at the original plant that Leo (and CBS) built.

I have this beauty listed on eBay with a more complete description, but of course would entertain an offer from anyone here!  Use the email form at the bottom of this post.  Check out my eBay auction here and a photo gallery after the jump.

And of course, I LOVED playing this guitar through my ’59 Champ.

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