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Transition Fender Champ C-22872

2010 August 9
Transition Fender Champ C-22872 Front

Another Transition Fender Champ is pictured today.  This one is serial number C-22872 which puts this amp as being made in 1964.  The tube chart code is NH which means that this amp was made in August 1964.  This makes this Champ one of the last of the tweed/transition era.  The speaker was replaced by the Fender Service Center and has a Fender Service Center tag that says it was serviced on 03/3/78.  The power cord has been replaced and it looks like a capacitor or two have been switched out as well.  We have a nice shot of the asbestos cloth that protects the wood of the cabinet from the intense heat of the vacuum tubes.  I wrote up a nice post about the asbestos in these Champs (along with some super sweet vintage educational videos!).  You can read more and watch here. This amp’s current owner, Bill Woodson, tells me a great story about this little amp.  I think his words do a better job telling the story than I could, so here goes.

The amp has a bit of a rock & roll pedigree, but just a bit.  My good friend and band mate for years, Steve Gage, gave me the dust collecting Champ on a long term loan (he wouldn’t sell it to me).  It was his first amp which his parents got for him in 1964 to go with his 3/4 scale Fender Musicmaster. Steve’s uncle, Ross Burdick was an A&R and promotions man for Paramount Recordings and Decca / London Records, the same label as The Rolling Stones. (It has been said that the Jaggar/Richards composition, “Under the Assistance of a West Coast Promotions Man” was written about Steve’s Uncle Ross.)  When the Stones were in California in 1964, Ross brought Stones Manager, Eric Easton to dinner at the Gage house in La Mirada, California.  After dinner, 10 year old Steve was called out to perform for Mr. Easton with his Fender Musicmaster and Champ.  Mr. Easton was impressed and even help young Steve dial in the Champ.  Later that week, Steve was able to miss school to attend theTAMI show at the Santa Monica Civic to meet the Stones.

Hope you liked that story as much as I did!  I love that there is a picture of Steve on his website with what is presumably that 3/4 scale Musicmaster!

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  1. Paul Easton permalink
    August 10, 2010

    I am not a guitar player but I enjoyed the anecdote about Steve Gage…my Dad, Eric Easton, passed away some years ago but stories like this remind me of what a great guy he was. Thanks for making my day!


  2. Jason Isadore permalink
    August 10, 2010

    My pleasure Paul!

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