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Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 1570

2010 August 30
by Jason Isadore
Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 1570 Front 2

I have a ton of photos for you today.  They are of Fender Champion 600 serial number 1570.  The Champion 600s featured a 6 inch speaker (this particular amp sports a Cletron speaker), about 3 watts of power, TV-front cabinet style and two tone vinyl covering.  They sported a 6SJ7 preamp tube (changing to a 12AX7 with the introduction of the 5E1 model around 1955), a 6V6 power tube and a 5Y3 rectifier tube.

Dating this amp by its serial number tells us this was made sometime in 1950.  The serial number on the Champion 600s is stamped into the metal of the chassis on the bottom, right between the tube sockets.

We can’t look to the tube chart code because this didn’t become a standard feature on Fender amps until about May 1953.  We’ll just have to be happy with knowing it was made in 1950.  The sheer number and quality of all these photos is really impressive.  I wish I could claim having taken them.  Intersting things to note:

  • The power cord was spliced at some point to make it longer (Still two prong plug though);
  • The rear panel is missing;
  • Those Mighty Midgets look awfully clean compared to everything else;
  • There are a lot of great shots that include the old style cloth covered wires.

That’s all I’ve got today, hope you enjoy all the photos!

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