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Tweed Fender Champ 5C1 Serial Number 6336

2010 September 22
Tweed Fender Champ 5C1 Serial Number 6336 Front

I have another great little tweed Champ today.  This one is tweed Fender Champ serial number 6336.  It is a 5C1 model.  Dating this amp by serial number tells us it was made in late 1953.  The two letter code stamped on the tube chart, in this case CL, tells us this amp was manufactured in December 1953.

I am fortunate to have a photo of the speaker to share with you and its code – 395325.  This speaker code tells us that the speaker was made in the 25th week of 1953.  This makes sense if the amp itself was manufactured in December.  I am unsure which manufacturer corresponds to the 395 code.

It is a little beat up with a missing handle and has a large gash in the grill cloth (the result of a stray finger during a move, because of the missing handle).  The tweed looks like it is in pretty good shape with a few small tears.

There are two interesting things that I like about these photos.

First, you can clearly see the outline of the baffle board through the grill cloth.  It has a clear “cigar label” shape with a circle cutout for the 6 inch speaker and a fat rectangle section right through the middle.  This design was modified slightly in the 5F1 baffleboard design.

The second is that the corners of the baffleboard look like they have been trimmed off.  I’m not sure if this was standard on the 5C1. I have photos of 5C1 serial number 6617 and its baffleboard with square corners, 5C1 serial number 7484 with square baffleboard corners, and 5C1 serial number 9055 with square baffleboard corners, I have photos of an earlier model  5B1 serial number 4802 with at least one trimmed baffleboard corner.  Maybe the earliest 5C1s had this in common with the 5B1s.

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