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Transition Fender Champ 5F1 C-20644

2010 September 27
Transition Fender Champ C-20644 Front

I’ve got a short post for your pleasure today.  This is a transition model 5F1 Fender Champ.  It straddles the tweed and Tolex era of Fender’s vintage amplifiers.  The Champ was the last amp to make the transition to the highly durable black Tolex covering.  The black Tolex was preferred by working musicians on the larger professional amps because it hid dirt and wear from gigging better than the lighter colored tweed.

This particular amp is serial number C-20644.  This serial number dates this amp to late 1963.  I have a picture of the tube chart and the two letter stamped code that tells us the month and year of manufacture.  The code stamped on this amp is ML which tells us this amp was made in December 1963.  This makes this a very early example of a transition Champ.

This amp looks to be in fantastic condition.  The Tolex looks like it was just wiped down with some Armour-All!  You can get a great feel for the silver sparkle grill cloth here – see how it catches the light from the camera?

The caps all look to be in good shape but one of them looks like it might have been replaced, it doesn’t quite match the color of the others.

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