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Transition Fender Champ 5F1 C-22818

2010 November 14
Transition Fender Champ C-22818 Front

I’ve got photos of another great transition model Fender Champ.  These are known as Transition models because they straddle Fender’s transition away from tweed cabinet coverings to black tolex.  This particular Champ is serial number C-22818.  Dating this amp by its serial number tells us it was manufactured in late 1964.  For a more accurate manufacture date, we need to look at the two letter tube chart code.  On this amp, the tube chart code is NH which stands for August 1964.  There were only about another 200 or so Champs made in this style before the complete redesign into the blackface style and switch to a new serial number scheme.  This is among the last 5F1 Champs made.  For additional examples of late model 5F1s you can check out C-22845 and C-22872.

This amp is in great condition and has some sweet candy.  You can see that it has a dust cover and the original envelope that contained a warranty card, owner’s manual and schematic diagram.  The cover photo of the owner’s manual is classic mid-1960′s.  The title “How to enjoy your new Fender custom-engineered amplifier” is a riot.  I think it should have been “How to listen to a record player in the middle of a studio recording session,”  but maybe that’s just me.

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  1. Six permalink
    January 30, 2016

    I noticed on your Black Champ Amp in the photo with the power cord, I can see a yellow grease pencil mark that looks like a $ (Dollar-Sign) , That is a worker at Fender named Sam Hutton. Sam signed the bottom of the cabs with his initials SH and he did it quickly and it looks just like a Dollar-Sign $. Pretty cool because Sam took pride in his amp covering skills. Look him up and see all the things he did, he made some Fender Tweed Clocks that looked like the front of a real Champ amp. Sam was talented.
    Just thought you may like to know since you wrote so many details. Many of Sam’s Initials are hidden under the reverb tank, so you need to remove the tank to see if it may have his mark. I see his mark from 1964 to at least 1968 on amps.

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