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Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 2686

2011 January 11
by Jason Isadore
Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 2686 Front

Happy New Year to everyone!  It has been a long time since my last post.  The holidays have come and gone, I was lucky enough to acquire this (it’s awesome) and now it’s time to get back to work bringing you these marvelous little blasts from the past!

Today I have photos of Fender Champion 600 serial number 2686.  Dating this amp by its serial number tells us it was made in 1951-52.  We don’t have a tube chart code to help us out with a more accurate estimate of when this amp was manufactured.  That was a later addition.  But making a guess, it is reasonable to assume that this amp was made in 1951 due to the relatively low serial number for the period.

Other than the missing back panel, the amp looks like it is in pretty good shape.  There is some wear to the vinyl and the leather handle looks broken in.  There has definitely been some work done on the electronics with a couple of capacitors being replaced.

You can clearly see how the serial number was stamped into the underside outside edge of the metal chassis on the 600s.  This was standard practice on the Champs right up until the 5F1 model revision when the serial number moved to the top of the chassis.

The entire chassis of the Champion 600 slides out of the back of the cabinet exposing the electronics.  Another interesting item is that we can see from these photos is that the chassis was made out of copper.  This changed with the revision to the 5C1/5D1 wide panel tweed cabinet style.

All photos appear courtesy of Cream City Music.

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