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Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 4001

2011 February 21
Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 4001 Front

I’ve got photos of Fender Champion 600 Serial Number 4001 today.  The Champion 600s were made from approximately 1948-49 through 1953.  About 5500 were made in this style.  The Champion 600s were a nice cosmetic update to the Champion 800 while reducing its speaker from 8 inches to 6 inches.  The Champion 600s featured a more pronounced angling of the cabinet front compared to the Champion 800 to help the amplified sound project farther.

Dating this amp by its serial number gives us a probable manufacture year of 1952.  With a serial number of 4001 this is a rather late example of a Champion 600, so I think we are safe in assuming it was made in 1952.  The Champion 600s do not have a two letter date code stamped on the tube chart.  This is typical on later models and helps determine the month and year a particular amp was made.  We’ll have to be content with just a year.

You can see from the photos that this amp has got some water stains on the front grill and the two tone vinyl covering is in pretty rough shape.  The handle has obviously been replaced and while I don’t have a picture of it, the speaker has been replaced too.

You can see that this amp is just identified as a “600″ on the rear control panel and clearly identified as a Champion 600 on the tube chart.  Some other examples of Champion 600s where they are identified on the rear panel as just a “600″ include #2844.  Rear panel identified  ”Champion 600s” include #1570 and #2686.  This could represent typical cosmetic iterations of the product over its life, streamlining on later models.  You can see a great example of a transitional Champion 600 in a tweed cabinet in #4802, made not too long after this one.

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